Third Party Logistics Warehousing

At Core eBusiness Solutions, we understand that companies in the same industry may have very different needs. That is why our CoreWarehouse programs provides public storage entities, as well as those who retain inventory on consignment, with answers to all of their specialized needs.  Those needs primarily focus around the ability to discretely track, control, and process inventory for a selected customer, the "owner" of the inventory, while maintaining inventory integrity across multiple owners.  In the past, these companies had little choice other than to construct a creative patchwork of workarounds. CoreWarehouse is a true, 3PL Warehouse Management (WMS) SaaS cloud based system. This means that items, locations and inventory transactions can be linked to the owner(s) of the inventory for improved efficiency.

Key Features Include:

  • Inventory balances by owner
  • Multiple owners within same warehouse
  • Supports same item, same item number, multiple owners
  • Owner Links To Item Codes (SKUs)
  • Owner Links To Vendors
  • Owner Links To Warehouses
  • Owner Links To Zones
  • Owner Links To Individual Locations
  • Owner Specific Inventory Transactions
  • Owner Specific Inquiries
  • Owner Specific Order Processing
  • Owner Links To Customers (Ship-To's)
  • Owner Based Invoicing Reports
CoreWarehouse software links to all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The CoreMobile functiion allows users to view complete inventory at one time or view it by location from any mobile computer or smartphone. CoreMobile features include receiving, directed putaway, warehouse moves, inventory adjustments, hold/release, picking, QC Verification, shipping, cycle counting, and many more real time features.
CorePortal is an online portal into the CoreWarehouse system providing access to information whenever there is an internet connection or on smartphones or tablets. It also enable end user customers to view their specific inventory status.