Software as a Service (SaaS) manages and delivers application capabilities to multiple entities from a data center across a wide area network. A SaaS-enabled company can host software from a centralized data center access over a dedicated, high speed network or the Internet.

What are the benefits of SaaS?

Benefits gained by using a SaaS WMS application as opposed to traditionally licensed and deployed models are Independence, Reach, Speed, Predictability and Cost.

How does CoreWarehouse achieve these goals?

With Core e-business solutions' CoreWarehouse and our 3PL WMS cloud based SaaS model, companies can drastically reduce the amount of time, money and attention spent on information technology. As a result, those resources can be funneled back into other critical business functions giving you more independence from your supply chain execution solution.

Unlike traditional licensing models that require an IT staff and budget, a SaaS warehouse management version of CoreWarehouse can reach companies with even the smalles IT infrastructure. Small to medium sized enterprises can gain access to Tier 1 applications and IT best practices at a low cost.

The worst part of large and complex implementations is that they can take months to deploy. One of the best alternatives to this is to utilize SaaS WMS. CoreWarehouse can enable 3PL's and warehouse organizations to operate at the rate of today's competative business world, unencumbered by hardware, software, network and people constraints. Our SaaS model is also well suited to grow with your company. CoreWarehouse links to all desktop, tablet and moble devices.

Business applications must be capable of reliably performing their expected functions, to the level of service that is required. CoreWarehouse, deployed in a SaaS WMS model, can offer higher predictability and a service level of 99.7% application and system uptime.

CoreWarehouse can offer 3PL's warehouses and manufacturers the lowest total cost of application ownership possible. By relying on a SaaS warehouse management model, companies no longer need to buy server hardware, software or hire more IT people.