3rd Party Logistics Software

To be able to effectively manage your third party warehouse, you need a SaaS 3PL WMS solution tailored to the unique requirements of a 3PL.  Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers have become the solution of choice for companies that require warehousing and distribution of their products.  3PL operators not only face regular supply chain problems, but have to deal with configuration, setup, and operational flow for multiple owners.   3PL operations today must be able to efficiently and accurately bill each owner as well. Supporting multiple owners within an operation can add logistical problems within the warehouse, especially if multiple owners store the same product.

CoreWarehouse's SaaS cloud based WMS 3PL software can easily handle the issues of each owner, while simultaneously giving you control of your 3PL billing. CoreWarehouse, a 3PL solution, enables you to configure and control the product flow for owners and item classes independently, determining whether to receive in one or two steps, how to process orders, and reporting requirements for each owner.  Warehouse configuration is flexible by the owner with our 3PL warehouse management software, including zones/locations used by each owner and mixing owner's stock. This option becomes especially useful when value added processes like kit processing and work order management are used. In addition, order fulfillment time can be reduced by not having to segregate owner stock by zones, whether it is in a designated forward pick area or throughout the warehouse operation.
CoreWarehouse cloud based system links to all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. CoreMobile is fully accessible to all mobile devices and results in significant savings as RF scannig hardware costs are eliminated. CoreMobile features include receiving, directed putaway, warehouse moves, inventory adjustments, hold/release, picking, QC Verification, shipping, cycle counting, and many more real time features.
CorePortal is an online portal into CoreWarehouse providing you with complete information and enbaling customers to view their specific inventory status.
Third Party Billing can often be troublesome and riddled with problems. Contracts developed between the 3PL and its customers are varied in their billing methods and terms.  CoreWarehouse allows you to set up contracts and bill owners on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly basis with our 3PL software.  To achieve this goal with our third part logistics software, we have developed a seamless, interactive SaaS cloud based application that allows the user to control all aspects of the billing run. By creating different charge types, charge methods, price codes, standard charges and owner contracts, you will be able to fully organize your charges, bill for Initial Storage, Recurring Storage, Handling, Value Added Processes/Accessorials, and more.

For 3PL providers, your success depends upon whether your supply chain execution solution can meet the warehousing, distribution and billing functions of your customers. With CoreWarehouse's SaaS cloud based WMS 3PL software, you will be able to control all of these functions for your customers, quickly and efficiently.