3PL Technology Partnership

Core is your technology partner for all of your warehouse management supply chain requirements

3PL Technology Partnership

Core e-business solutions continues to expand upon our unique 3PL WMS cloud-based Technology Partnership program, including managing warehouse IT and working side-by-side with our customers to help them obtain new customers.

"In addition to effectively operating their warehouses, 3PLs face the additional challenge of using technology to attract and retain customers and comply with increasingly complex customer requirements," says Howard Mintz, Chief Operating Officer of Core e-business solutions. "By taking responsibility for their warehouse technology, we support third-party warehouses in meeting customer mandates, operating more easily and efficiently, and capturing additional revenue."

Through this innovative partnership program, Core assumes total responsibility for the 3PL's warehouse technology. This includes providing best of breed 3PL-enabled Cloud WMS software; hosting and maintaining the system; developing new features and functionality; assisting 3PL warehouses in marketing their technology capabilities and value-added services to their customers and offering a cloud-based WMS solution.

The 3PL Technology Partnership dramatically extends Core's Cloud-based program, which provides customers with an advanced, scalable cloud-based Web-based warehouse management system that does not require the major upfront investment or IT staffing requirements of traditional licensing arrangements.

James Brown, Director of Logical Logistics, says, "Core provides the advanced cloud-based warehouse technology that allows us to offer the new capabilities and value-added services so vital to the success of 3PL operations like ours. By combining Core's latest technology with our decades of 3PL management experience, we are attracting and retaining customers, working more effectively and reducing costs."

In addition to the software, systems, hosting and maintenance, the 3PL Technology Partnership includes these valuable services:

  • Collateral marketing materials for the 3PL's use with customers and prospects
  • Core support for sales calls and demonstrations
  • Compliance consulting
  • Access to unique pilot programs
  • Co-branding opportunities
  • Customer integration assistance