Complete order entry system and allows individual users to track their specific warehouse inventory


CorePortal is a complete order entry/tracking system that allows you to collect, enter, inquire, and track orders throughout the order fulfillment process. Combined with our Cloud-based system, customers can safely place orders through the Internet or mobile/wireless devices anytime, anywhere. You will be able to immediately notice an enhancement in customer support capabilities, a reduction in ordering errors and minimized service costs through warehouse planning.

CorePortal is easy to set up and even easier to manage. Through the use of Roles and Permissions, you can effortlessly determine which capabilities to give each user. With warehousing, you can also limit the product groups and classes that each user can see, set ordering limits, and choose which reports to deploy. The CorePortal components can be extended to your customers and they will be able to access their specific order and inventory status.

With three different order entry methods (Item Browse, Quick Order, and Easy Order), you can choose the best option for users depending upon your product mix, typical order makeup/size, and their ordering habits.

You also have the ability to track orders directly from CorePortal, with direct links to FedEx and UPS package tracking sites.

You can allow users to view summary or detailed item availability, including product receipt and shipment dates, enhancing your ability to provide customer service.

CorePortal enables you to select from the hundreds of reports available and deploy them instantly. Portal users will be able to drill down within the reports and export the data to Microsoft Excel. CorePortal and Cloud-based are integral components of the CoreWarehouse Management Software (WMS) solution.