Our software integrates with front end pharmacy systems and can track lot and expiration dates of pharma products



Pharmaceutical Distribution is an industry with an emphasis on speed, control and accuracy. The key to a healthy supply chain is a real-time, total visibility solution to effectively manage all of your integrated operations.

In order to excel in this industry, supply chain software is a must. CoreWarehouse's 3PL SaaS cloud based WMS systems gives you the visibility you need to effectively manage an operation where inventory controls are vital. All transactions are validated in order to significantly improve your order fulfillment and practices. The ability to manage fulfillment requirements with LIFO, FIFO and FEFO allocation reduces the risk of expired products leaving your warehouse. DEA numbers or restricted drug requirements can be supported at the inbound and/or outbound level. This application can also be partnered up with our Pick-to-Light supplier partners to further reduce picking errors and provide enhanced security.

CoreWarehouse helps you stay ahead of the competition with the most accurate and time reduced 3PL SaaS WMS solutions. Our software links to all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

CoreMobile allows users to view complete inventory at one time or view it by location from any desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Features include receiving, directed putaway, warehouse moves, inventory adjustments, hold/rellease, picking, QC verification, shipping, cycle counting, and many more real time features.

CorePortal is an online portal into the CoreWarehouse system providing access to information whenever there is an internet connection or on smartphones and tablets. It enables customers to have access to their inventory and warehouse data.