Our software integrates with front end pharmacy systems and can track lot and expiration dates of pharma products


Core e-business solutions has developed, integrated and implemented many pharmaceutical and pharma based systems. The support provided through our CoreWarehouse WMS Software includes not only the necessary drug controls and substitution functions, but the system includes the ability to integrate with front-end pharmacy systems.

The CoreWarehouse software supports DEA Licensing and Tracking information program requirements and the Pharma manufacturers and distributors controlled substance ordering systems.

Key Features of CorePharmaceutical Include:

Lot Expiration Dates

The ability to track lot and expiration dates of all your stock to ensure the best quality of products leaving your warehouse.

Transaction Validation

All transactions are validated in order to significantly improve your order fulfillment and practices.

LIFO/FIFO/FEFO Functionality

The ability to manage order fulfillment with these functions ensures that no expired products leave your warehouse.

DEA Numbers/Restricted Drugs

The ability to track these products at the inbound and outbound level.

Pick to Light

This application can also be partnered up with our Pick-to-Light supplier partners to further reduce picking errors and provide enhanced security.