EDI and Interface Tools

One of the most important elements of an effective 3pl SaaS based warehouse management system is the ability to automate processes to reduce both labor costs and errors.  EDI has been a key component in this area and continues to drive process improvement by automating the communication between logistics companies and their customers.  CoreWarehouse supports most EDI forms making it very simple to interface with any EDI system (legacy or planned) that you prefer.

Order Transformation
If your customer does not use EDI it doesn’t automatically mean that you have to "key in" orders manually. Core's Order Transformation process allows you to reap the benefits of EDI with any of your customers by either converting a CSV file or spread sheet into CoreWarehouse orders. The transformation can convert ASNs, orders and purchase orders. This eliminates the necessity of re-keying orders and avoids errors. This will lead to more efficient processing and a better customer service experience for your customers.

The results are incredible:

  • A much more efficient staff of customer service representatives (CSR).
  • Faster entry into your system, without errors.
  • Automatic order confirmation back to your customer.

What can you do with the extra time you save in this step?  Could you extend your order deadlines?  Add additional shipment verification steps at the shipping dock? Spend more time answering customer questions?  The answer is YES! A well-structured EDI will eliminate and help solve these questions and related issues.