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CoreWarehouse Terms & Conditions

The information and materials supplied on this web site by Core e-business solutions (Core) are subject to the following terms of use. Your use of this web site automatically implies your consent to these terms. Materials means information contained in this web site including, but not limited to, white papers, documentation, product information, downloads and demos.

The Materials in this web site are protected as the copyrights or sole properties of Core e-business solutions. Core does not grant you a license for any information or copyright contained in this web site. You may view and print Materials from this web site granted that they are used only for information, non- commercial or personal use; and are not to be modified, published, or distributed. The logos and images in this web site cannot be copied, retransmitted, or published without express written consent of Core e-business solutions.

User name and passwords may be issued to authorized, licensed end-users. Each end-user is responsible for keeping its user name/password private, all activities occurring under the account, and notifying Core of any unauthorized or illegal use of the account. Core is not responsible for any losses the end-user encounters from unauthorized use of its account, but may hold the end-user responsible for any loss Core encounters.

Violation of these terms may cause Core to suspend or terminate access to the web site.