3PL Warehouses-Ease of Accessing Your Warehouse Inventory

Today’s 3PL Warehouse must have the ability to easily access warehouse inventory from most devices including desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. With constant movement by warehouse personnel the inability to have multi-platform functionality is a serious impediment to business and the need to meet customer expectations.

Having the ability to share information with warehouse personnel as well as customers is of paramount importance.

When customers contact your 3PL warehouse manager, 3PL providers need to be able to provide detailed and accurate warehouse information. In addition It is critical that your warehouse management software is able to provide you with complete visibility of the movement of warehouse goods and enable you provide real-time customer information to your customer base.

The Warehouse WMS Software allows you to track orders based on:

  • SKU
  • UPC
  • Serial Number
  • Batch
  • Lot Packages
  • Parts & Components

CoreWarehouse WMS software includes CoreMobile which enables warehouses users to track orders from any tablet and smart phone device.

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