3PL Warehouse challenges during Coronavirus

3PL Warehouses Managing Opportunities During the Coronavirus

During these difficult times companies storing inventory in 3PL Warehouses are facing challenges by inventory stockpiling of items emanating from China. With the expected shortages of consumer goods such as food and cleaning supplies, lead supply chain managers are re-thinking optimal inventory levels and storage locations.

Based on past events, this is an important factor to consider and there could be an increase in demand for inventory space to handle an eventual surge in goods and build up resiliency against future shocks

During past crisis including the China tariff situation and the Brexit related trade slowdown shippers did get ahead of these events by filling warehouse with inventory stockpiles to be ready as slowdowns were minimized and business activities started to ramp up.

As result of the current social distancing measures 3PL warehouses with e-Commerce based business clients are seeing a surge in warehouse shipments. These accelerated activities are expected to continue through 2020.

If you have warehouse customers that have eCommerce programs see if you can provide eCommerce shipment support and gear up your warehouse to handle these activities.

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