e-commerce becomes of paramount value during this pandemic crisis

3PL WMS in Today’s e-Commerce Environment

As e-commerce becomes of paramount value during this pandemic crisis, the issue of stock and inventory replenishment becomes of greater importance.

As Amazon and other eCommerce providers who have strong warehouse management operations , other 3PL warehouses who support retailers must have a strong replenishment strategy in place.

Sales that are ultimately lost because of a poorly executed replenishment plan need to explore a cloud based warehouse management software program. Too many retailers and their warehouse organizations are focusing on static data which includes manually updating inventory and corresponding data. When a retailer and their supporting warehouse organization initiates a 3PL Warehouse Management Software strategy, it can manage inventory replenishment at all of their warehouse sites including satellite operations. This plan will enable retailers to gain access to inventory data from across their supply chain.

To combat the strength of retail giants (i.e. Amazon, Wal Mart etc.), small and mid-size retail organizations must have an inventory replenishment strategy and processes in place which include:

  • Collaborate with inventory managers and long term customers to create demand forecasts and replenishment inventory programs.
  • Create contingency plans in the event demand forecasts do not reach specific milestones
  • Plan stock replenishment guidelines
  • Maintain end-to-end visibility over the entire supply chain.

The Core eBusiness Solutions software CoreWarehouse is a tier 1 3PL cloud based software that includes robust inventory and stock replenishment functions. CoreWarehouse includes both CoreMobile and a CorePortal for customers to check on their specific inventory levels. The CoreWarehouse software also is able to support all EDI requirements.

Core eBusiness Solutions is headquartered in Fairfield, NJ and can be reached at (201) 836-8900