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7 Things To Consider When Selecting A Third Party 3PL Software Provider

Research and determining the most effective 3PL provider for your organization is one of the most important parts of your business: Order Fulfillment. Selecting the wrong vendor could affect greatly your revenue in the long run and if things do not go well, you could suffer the loss of customers.

The following are 7 initiatives to consider when selecting a 3PL software provider.

Technology That is Up-To-Date

A company with the latest WMS technologies and enhanced functionality can help to streamline and automate processes to reduce costs and errors. As your business grows, it’s critical that the technology can meet your warehouse operations requirements.

Scalability Functionality

One of the most important reasons a company will extend its warehouse operations to a 3PL provider is that the organization has grown beyond its means to manage their warehouse supply programs. One of the key objectives for any organization is to keep growing, so choosing a 3PL provider that offers room for growth is of paramount importance.

Compliance with Labeling

There are many regulatory requirements when it comes to product packaging and labeling. A knowledgeable 3PL WMS provider will be aware of these requirements and have the required technology to fulfill your needs.

Client Architecture That Can Support Multiple Clients

Clients have often diverse requirements and a 3PL WMS system must be able to support a wide array of inventory and order fulfillment requirements as well as the many different customers that exist in today’s marketplace.

Interface to eCommerce Providers

The order fulfillment process today so relies on shipping products through eCommerce organizations. A 3PL Software system must have strong and reliable and flexible interface capabilities to all of the major eCommerce providers including and not limited to Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, to name a few.

Billing Functions

An important feature that is an integral part of 3PL technology solutions is that billing functions are aligned properly to be sure that invoices are never left unpaid or are lost. The 3PL WMS software helps to automate putaway’s, receiving, storage, and shipping so that the charges for these services are always accurate and on-time.

Great Value

One of the reasons for selecting a 3PL provider is that you will not have the costs yourself associated with implementing and managing a WMS system. As part of the selection process, choosing a 3PL WMS provider that has the depth and a wide array of experience and knowledge are values and benefits that will help your warehouse operations run effectively. In addition, it will go a long way to ensure your customers are pleased with the services you are providing. These benefits will also help you to lower as well as manage your operating costs. The 3PL WMS provider should also be able to provide 24/7 customer support.

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