Automated Expiration Date Tracking A Critical Factor for 3PL Food and Cold Storage Warehouses

With the advent of COVID-19, the food and cold storage 3PL warehouse sectors are facing massive challenges maintaining the freshness of food products. With an influx of home deliveries of food products, both 3PL food and cold storage warehouses must be keenly aware of using automated lot expiration date tracking, as food products have a much higher-level turnover and at a much more rapid and accelerated pace.

The ability to track incoming and outgoing products is paramount importance. Cold storage warehouses should use lot number and expiration dates to track product sources. This must be an inherent part of a 3PL cold storage warehouse management software system. Having temperature zones is another important pre-requisite to track temperature and humidity levels for food and cold storage warehouses to ensure the freshness and quality of warehoused products. 

With eCommerce playing a larger role in getting food products to consumers, it is essential that cold storage and food warehouses have a robust 3PL Warehouse Management Software system that can deliver fresh products quickly and safely. The 3PL system will also provide the operations group the ability to recall any products by SKU’s and lot numbers. The automation of the warehouse supply chain network will help to identify data which can uncover warehouse bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the warehouse operation.

Core e-business solutions Warehouse Management software solution CoreWarehouse is a tier 1 cloud-based system. It has a multitude of functions that are of great use to food and cold storage warehouses. 

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