older man working in a warehouse using a WMS

How to Better Manage SKUs and Organize Your Warehouse With a WMS System

As warehouses look to enhance their profitability and customer services, they realize that managing and organizing SKU’s in the warehouse is of significant importance. Managing SKU’s with a WMS system helps warehouses to identify and track their products and their inventory and let them know where their goods and services are at all times.

SKU codes include numbers and letters that provide information about a given product including size, type, colors and location. SKU nomenclature and technologies when planned properly will interface with Warehouse Management Systems and provide a reliable tool for tracking your warehouse inventory.

Using a WMS to manage your SKU’s will help to reduce or eliminate errors associated with manual packing and picking procedures by automating the scanning and tracking processes. The WMS system will streamline picking, enabling your warehouse personnel to collect items in batches instead of organizing them for distribution as the individual orders arrive in the warehouse. The proper placement of SKU’s in a warehouse is critical to tracking the inventory of warehoused goods.

Warehouses that rely on manual processes to better manage their SKU’s will often deal with inventory issues including misplaced and missing warehousing items. A warehouse management system will help to centralize and unify your operations in the following manner:

  • Increased visibility of operations
  • Accurate tracking of inventory
  • Enhanced order fulfillment processes
  • Simplified accounting and integration with ERP systems
  • A single records-keeping system

Enhancements to each of the aforementioned areas combined will go a long way to reducing overall operating costs. Warehouse Management Software and management of SKU’s in your warehouse will enable you to increase delivery speeds and improve communications across all of your operations departments.

Core eBusiness Solutions and their Core Warehouse Software includes many SKU operations provisions and help businesses closely track their fulfillment and inventory KPI’s. Core Warehouse WMS software can guide warehouse personnel how these processes function and ultimately provide them with enhanced customer service and higher revenue earnings. With today’s consumers demanding fast shipping, a Warehouse Management Software system that will help to manage your inventory and SKU’s is an essential platform to include in your warehouse program.