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Important Considerations When Choosing a 3PL Warehouse Management Software System

Managing and balancing the many warehouse requirements within the supply chain and within a warehouse operation can be quite challenging. To effectively manage and optimize the many warehouse functions, organizations have been for the past years recognizing the importance of a 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS) for efficient operations, which include inventory balance, material management, pickup process and auditing, to name a few.

The warehouse management system is primarily a software application that incorporates a wide array of actions that begin from auditing and monitoring materials from the time received into a particular warehouse to being stockpiled and, finally, reaching the end-customer as the final step of the supply chain process.

Key Warehouse Management System Functions


Replenishing Stock

WMS helps warehouse management teams track the demand versus supply of goods so that the right amount of stock can be replenished at the right time.

Picking & Shipping

WMS enables picking and shipping inventory to the right customer, reducing the chance of incurring costs due to mispicks and returns.

Tracking & Visibility

WMS permits easy tracking of inventory and order-related information such as serial numbers, expiration dates, UPC codes, etc.

Paperless Documentation

WMS reduces paper-based inventory documentation such as picking lists which can now be electronically maintained.

Improved Customer Service

WMS has proven to be a great tool to ensure customer satisfaction for existing customers while converting new leads into loyal customers.

Reporting & Analytics

WMS helps record inflow and outflow of inventory efficiently.


WMS helps to package individual products into a single bundle and ship efficiently and better manage your inventory levels

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