Mobile Warehouse solutions

Cloud & Mobile WMS Applications in a 3PL Warehouse

With the advent of digital components as an integral part of today’s 3PL WMS environment, a cloud based solution has proven to be a great return on investment for warehouse operations and business owners.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) research organization, a cloud solution has many inherent benefits including:

  • 267 % five year return on investment
  • 36 % faster rate to deliver products to customers
  • 2.6% higher average return per revenue organization
  • 6 % reduction in material costs
  • 44% increase in efficiency with customer support teams

With the explosive growth of e-commerce and expansion of business globalization more companies than ever before are embracing mobile based warehouse technologies. The efficiencies and lower costs of mobile vs. barcode and RF Scanners is of great significance and value for warehouse organizations and business owners.

Other advantages of mobile based technologies include:

  • A more simplified work process for warehouse personnel
  • Mobile technologies provide a greater visibility over assets in transit. With real-time information 3PL’s and organizations can provide their customers with accurate updates regarding the status of their shipments
  • There is greater data for analytics when using mobile technologies and results in added operational efficiencies, enhanced customer satisfaction and greater revenue opportunities.
  • Ease of training warehouse personnel who have knowledge of smartphone and tablet devices

CoreWarehouse Cloud based 3PL WMS software includes the CoreMobile functionality enabling warehouse personnel to track warehouse inventory issues from any smartphone or tablet device.

Core eBusiness Solutions is headquartered in Fairfield NJ and can be reached at 201 836-8900