chilled food expiration date tracking

Cold Storage 3PL Warehouses & The Importance of Expiration Date Tracking

As a result of individuals relying more and more on home deliveries during the Covid 19 Pandemic, the shelf life of food especially perishable items has reached significant importance.

Warehouse management and inventory software solutions that keep track of the shelf life of food products has become a major factor and area of concern for warehouses that store and inventory food and related cold products. Warehouses must have software solutions that enable warehouse personnel to track and trace products. Tracking the expiration dates of items in inventory and the temperature of a specific lot freezer item will help to prevent expired good from getting shipped by mistake.

A 3PL WMS system should also include functionality that deals with multiple temperature zones. To ensure that food items are kept at optimal temperatures, its critical to accurately match lot numbers to specific temperatures to keep your warehouse organized and operating at optimal efficiency.

Having the ability to track food products received in the warehouse using (FEFO) “First Expired, First Out” methodology is of paramount importance. This is especially needed for sensitive food items that have expiration dates.

Another key component of a strong and functional WMS system is being able to plan for Centralized Expiration Tracking especially when food deliveries occur in different geographic areas. When food logistics are an integral part of your warehouse and logistics initiatives , you can manage lot numbers and order movements from a central source using a well structured Warehouse Management Software system.

CoreWarehouse WMS software offers many features for Cold Storage warehouses and the ability to maintain food items and other perishables.

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