Cold Storage Facilities & The Need For WMS Software

Growth in 3PL cold storage capacity from January  2014 to June 2016 has been extraordinary impressive with an increase of 2.1 million cubic meters of cold storage warehouse facility space. On a worldwide basis total capacity of refrigerated warehouse space has increased at an annualized rate of 4.2% from 2014 to 2016.

There are many challenges inherent in the cold storage warehouse management sector including maintaining the life cycle of products, labeling the products and racks and being able to efficiently  track products. The Core Warehouse Tier 1 cloud based WMS software is able to address this needs and concerns.

The following are some tips that will lead to an effective and well organized cold storage warehouse facility.

-The cold storage facility is divided into functional areas with each zone serving to support operational processes.

-Install automatic palletizing solutions designed for harsh freezer environments. This technology enables palletizing to be done inside the freezer without the use of protective shroud.

-Being able to control heat loss as high density storage tends to create a smaller area to cool and being able to develop an environment that can minimize heat loss. Since food is one of those areas in cold storage where air can escape, it is extremely beneficial to keep this area as small as possible.

Core eBusiness Solutions located in Fairfield, NJ 201 836-8900 has been providing WMS solutions for many years on behalf of cold storage refrigerated and freezer warehouse organizations.