EDI Solutions For 3PL Warehouse Operations

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a must have in today’s supply chain environment for 3PL’s and standalone warehouses. EDI is one of the most important core competencies and requirements for a supply chain program in terms of delivering the fast and secure file transfer of information for your warehouse related operations.

There are many benefits of EDI including and not limited to:

  • Transactions between your organization, other suppliers and your customers can be done expeditiously.
  • Errors are reduced when using Electronic Data Interchange of documents vs. paper based processes.
  • EDI transactions cost significantly less than paper based processes. Some analysts estimate there is a 70% savings of EDI vs. paper processes.
  • EDI software will improve your overall warehouse inventory management program. Utilizing EDI processes you are to secure real-time updates which will improve your resource allocation, prevent shortages and help reduce excess inventory.

When evaluating EDI solutions and WMS software providers here are important points to consider:

  • Wide array of available of EDI documents and EDI standards. The process you choose should be able to handle all common EDI standards including ANSI, EdiFact, and AS2.
  • Your EDI solution is scalable. Specifically, as business grows your EDI Solution must continue to meet your new requirements.
  • EDI integration is essential. Your EDI program must be able to integrate with your ERP, accounting and other enterprise applications.
  • EDI mapping and translation. The EDI system that is chosen must include EDI tools that will take EDI data from one format and place it into other formats to enable the automated flow of data from various enterprise applications.

Core eBusiness Solutions offers 3PL’s CoreWarehouse software a cloud based EDI WMS program. The software includes a comprehensive EDI process that has helped many warehouses, transportation companies and fulfillment organizations improve the efficiency of their warehouse operations and save considerable budget dollars.

The company is located in Fairfield, NJ and can be reached at (201) 836-8900