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Enhancing a 3PL’s Profitability With a WMS Billing Automation System

3PL warehouses are continuing to search for new ideas and programs to improve the profitability of their warehouse operation. One method is to automate a warehouses’ billing process.

Far too many warehouses still use excel to track multiple customer activities and billing requirements at multiple warehouses-often a cumbersome process that leads to errors. Today warehouses face the challenge of having a good grasp of their warehouse inventory, a critical need that is a pre-requisite to automate transactional charges and recurring storage charges.

The ability to integrate your bar code scanning process with your warehouse management software is of significant importance to the productivity of your warehouse operation. One of the initial first steps as part of an automation program is to bar code every inventory item in your warehouse. This will help to organize, track and view both your inventory billing processes in a enhanced systematic manner. Bar Code scanning will help warehouse personnel to scan inventory and critical warehouse operations related documents in real-time and reduce costs.

The warehouse operations will experience major productivity gains by avoiding the use of manual data entries.

Warehouse revenues will grow significantly as a result of productivity gains and time savings by using an automated billing process to capture transactional charges on the fly using bar code scanning. Many warehouses are finding that with an automated billing process in place there was significant revenue growth without the need to add staff personnel.

Recurring storage charges are a critical component of the automated billing process and must be tracked on a continuous basis. The downfall of not embracing this concept will result in significant loses for 3PL warehouses. A supply chain industry study in 2020 indicated that over 80 percent of warehouses believed that they were losing revenue as a result of uncaptured receiving charges, recurring storage charges and monthly shipping billings.

Too often manual processes can hide revenue sources, but a real time 3PL inventory automation program will help to bring uncaptured charges to the forefront and will help warehouses organizations realize the full value of their warehouse operations program

Core e-Business Solutions and the company’s CoreWarehouse WMS software includes as part of its Tier 1 cloud-based software a fully automated WMS billing component as part of the WMS system.

Core’s company headquarters is located in Fairfield, NJ and can be reached at 201 836-8900.