Having a Strong Warehouse Program for Amazon Fulfillment Needs

With the explosive growth of Amazon the company is relying more and more on smaller 3PL suppliers to outsource distribution and fulfillment services.

When Amazon is looking for a warehouse provider the overriding concern is that the 3PL can meet its next day and often sooner fulfillment requirements. When orders arrive it is essential that an effective WMS automatically knows what products need to be shipped, where to ship them, and how to effectively and quickly update inventory levels.

In the eCommerce environment single item orders are commonplace, but positioning products correctly and ensuring pickers follow the best sequences can be achieved with a Warehouse Management System. The Warehouse Management Software can quickly assign pickers to an order, give them precise commands on where and how to retrieve goods and keep a close watch on inventory.

Simply integrating inventory information into the picking process eliminates a substantial amount of mistakes and confusion that could otherwise derail a warehouse operation.

Core eBusiness Solutions provides a cloud based WMS, Core Warehouse which interfaces with all of the most common used ecommerce programs including and not limited to; Amazon, Shopify, EBay, Wal-Mart, to name a few.

CoreWarehouse also includes a mobile function CoreMobile which enables warehouse and operations personnel to connect to the WMS program via any smartphone or tablet device.

CoreeBusiness Solutions is headquarted in Fairfield, NJ and can be reached at 201 836-8900.