How a WMS System Benefits Your eCommerce Business

Many eCommerce related tasks like listings, countings and pickings should be done efficiently and quickly. But if you sacrifice accuracy for speed you run the risk of angering and overselling your customers. Using a Warehouse Management Software (WMS) system to automate and streamline your eCommerce and ordering process will be of great value to your business and most importantly to your customers.

Keeping your inventory up-to-date is critical for any eCommerce retailer. In addition, maintaining accurate records of quantity levels from various online marketplaces and web outlets can be very time consuming and not taking those quantities down on time can lead to selling items that are no longer in inventory. That in turn can lead to angry customers and penalties from marketplaces like E-Bay and Amazon that track negative feedback from oversellers.

Using a WMS system will help automate your warehouse processes, keep your quantities accurate across various channels, cut costs, improve productivity and enhance your business. In addition reducing warehouse related errors while increasing speeds of operation provides added efficiencies and combined with a  robust WMS will also greatly improve overall workflow processes.

A well structured workflow as it relates to your eCommerce system will also help to prevent fraud. A WMS system can identify serial numbers to track items that are returned by customers. When items are returned by customers the serialization element can  verify  if the purchase was genuine and can identify counterfeit transactions. This represents another example of how Warehouse Management Software protects a business from losses and threats.

The CoreWarehouse WMS system is a cloud based Tier 1 and Saas Solution. The software is used by many businesses to help improve the organizations overall eCommerce operation.

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