3PL's are providing access to their sales channels

How Retail Customers Are Using 3PL’s As Selling Partners

As retail online business expand globally and supply chains are streamlined, 3rd Party Logistics providers are becoming more of a source and importance to retailers.

In addition to added efficiency and inventory management, faster logistics, and greater access to powerful data, retailers are in need of value added services from 3PL organizations.

One of the key variables added services is how 3PL’s are providing access to their sales channels. In the past 3rd Party Warehouse Logistics providers focus was on warehousing and logistics services. As retailers expand their focus online and continue in “big box” stores, the lines are decreasing between warehouses, retailers and the online sales channel. An example is Amazon which offers retailers a marketplace to sell their goods and 3PL providers to who are providing management fulfillment requirements. Specifically, Amazon and other online sales providers are changing the dynamics of the marketplace not only in terms of delivery speed but also in terms of consignment stock.

This is a great opportunity for 3PL providers to take advantage of this new revenue stream by adopting a cloud based warehouse Management software
Core Warehouse provided by Core eBusiness Solutions has a tier 1 cloud based WMS Software. Included with the software is CoreMobile enabling customers to link from their smartphones to the software. Also available is CorePortal which provides individual customers to check on their inventory status.

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