Improve Order Picking in Your 3PL Warehouse Operation

Improve Order Picking in Your 3PL Warehouse Operation

Order picking systems in a 3PL warehouse represents one of the most important processes that are part of an efficient Warehouse Management Software (WMS) program.

There are an array of picking programs to choose from including and not limited to :Batch Picking, Wave Picking, Zone Picking etc
Order picking processes can be costly and time consuming when not done efficiently and will affect the productivity of your warehouse operation.
Here are some order picking tips:

  • Plan for aisles, bays, shelves and slots to be clearly marked with large easily identifiable location signs.
  • Warehouse slotting should be focused on improving order picking efficiency which will increase throughput on behalf of your customers
  • To determine fast movers and to determine where to put them, consider the distance and order picker needs to travel to get to the location and how accessible the location is once the picker gets there
  • “Hit Density” is of paramount importance. The higher the pick density the higher the pick productivity
  • Position frequently picked items closest to the shopping areas to minimize picking time
  • Avoid placing multiple SKU’s in the same picking location because mixed SKU locations reduces picking time and accuracy.
  • Create an Order Completion Zone or Fast Picking zone stocked with fast moving items which reduce order picking walker times and increase productivity.

CoreWarehouse 3PL WMS software has fully functioning warehouse order picking components which helps to provide significant warehouse operations efficiencies

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