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How Kitting Can Be A Significant Operational Efficiency in Your 3PL Warehouse

A Kitting program can be a major benefit to your overall 3PL warehouse inventory program and help warehouse owners successfully meet their customers’ expectations.

The following are some of the key advantages of a warehouse kitting program.

Warehouse Space is Saved

Manufacturers often move kitting to an offsite facility. When moving component kitting services and assembly to an adjacent warehouse, additional floor space can be allocated to production.

Enhanced Productivity & Managed Labor Costs

Pre-Assembled and sorted kits will save time and labor since kit components are assembled and made together at the point of use. This minimizes the issue of having warehouse personnel search for inventory and logging additional usage and time. With Kitting you also have the option of picking multiple components vs single items. You can also choose to establish inventory standards using a single item approach vs. multiple items.

Enhanced Inventory Controls

Kitting consolidates product components and avoids having warehouse items spread out everywhere. Rather than moving single units they can more efficiently organize for product bundling.

Shipping Costs Are Reduced

Lower shipping costs are realized with the ability for several or even dozens of items to be able to be shipped with one order.

Label Savings

A kit requires one label as opposed to individual labels for many separate items.

Our CoreWarehouse cloud based Tier 1 3PL WMS software includes a kitting function where warehouse items can grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit.

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