Mobile Devices & There Impact on 3PL WMS Processes

Because of an increased need to meet rapid fulfillment demands in the eCommerce sector, mobile devices are becoming an extremely important component of warehousing and logistics operations and WMS applications.

The mobile devices are helping organizations align business operations and warehousing controls between warehousing departments and supply sector groups.

The following are some of the key advantages to using mobile devices in the warehousing logistics sector.

Geographic Flexibility

When  specialized and regional warehouses are launched and there is a need to align with a centralized warehouse, an enterprise mobile solution will help to more efficiently distribute data beyond central locations. With mobile devices capturing remote data and barcode scanning, the processes are greatly simplified.

Reduction of Overhead for Remote Facilities

There are instances when a small regional warehouse with limited staff operates so far away from a centralized facility that trying to effectively monitor the small warehouse poses a significant operational burden. With the use of mobile devices and a comprehensive remote WMS mobile based program it enables organizations to monitor warehouses from a distance and change parameters within automated systems to solve basic problems.

Ease of Training

New warehousing technologies that are not simplified can be a heavy training burden when staff members are asked to adjust to a new deployment.

With the comfort and familiarity that warehouse personnel have with mobile devices, operations personnel will be more acceptable and open to using the new WMS software that includes a mobile component. With large amounts of products moving in and out of the warehouse having immediate access to real-time data is invaluable. Using mobile devices in the warehouse provides almost an instant rise in productivity levels.

As the supply chain become more complex and with eCommerce programs demanding greater response speed and precision during the fulfillment process, mobile devices and apps that are used and integrated with WMS systems provides 3PL’s with more efficiencies in there warehouse operations thereby providing customers with greater support.

CoreWarehouse software includes a mobile function CoreMobile. It enables users to link to the software from any tablet or smart phone device

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