Multiple Warehouses & Managing Your Warehouse Inventory

In today’s competitive business environment as companies continue to grow there is an increasing need to operate warehouses near key customers and reduce overall transportation costs. Using multiple warehouses to manage your warehouse inventory often presents a series of challenges.
Some of these challenges include:

  • Stock Counts– With more than one warehouse it is critical that all products stay adequately stocked.
  • Cross Warehouse Communications– As warehouses have a tendency to be geographically apart, its critical that all communications devices and technology based mobile devices be in sync.
  • Using Similar Inventory Control Processes– If both warehouses are not using the same warehouse inventory software overall control processes will not be in sync. Specifically, customer order information and warehouse inventory information will be totally out of order and result in major customer processing issues.

To best manage inventory in multiple warehouse locations and keeping data synced, a fully functional 3PL Warehouse Management Software program will help ensure:

  • Stock and inventory levels across all warehouse locations are being proficiently managed
  • Products are being transferred in an efficient manner from warehouse to another
  • eCommerce and and accounting software are being effectively linked across all warehouse operations
  • Fulfillment workflows between all warehouses are being efficiently managed

CoreWarehouse software is a cloud based Tier 1 3PL WMS program that helps organizations with warehouses in multiple locations manage their inventory requirements.

CoreWarehouse software includes a CoreMobile function where the you can link from all smartphone and tablet devices directly to the WMS Software. CorePortal is also available and enables customer to check via a portal their specific inventory status.

Core eBusiness Solutions is located in Fairfiield, NJ and can be contacted at (201) 836-8900