Technology Developments in the Warehouse Supply Industry

Cyber Security Planning in the Warehouse Logistics Sector

As more reliance is placed on data analytics by 3PL’s and business organizations with a warehouse,  safeguarding that data is of paramount importance to businesses and supply chain sector of the business. A 3PL warehouse software must protect the systems that drive the operation and the data contained within those systems. A secure 3PL Warehouse Management Software program that has state of the art backup provisions is a critical requirement.

Warehouse Managers Meeting ROI Demands of Business Organizations

As the supply chain sector becomes more prevalent in business organizations and critical to an organizations performance,  there are many examples where cost savings and increased productivity can be of great value to the ROI of  business organizations. The 3PL WMS technologies today where mobile devices can replace the costly  RF scanners that  link to the specific software is a major costs savings.

The CoreWarehouse WMS cloud based software has an array of technologies that can help 3PL’s meet the demands of their customers, enhance their customer service operations  and achieve a significant level of cost savings.

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