The Future of WMS Cloud Software is Bright & Clear

Major business research organizations all indicate that more 3PL’s have moved to cloud based software.

Cloud applications have a bright future.

-Since 2014 cloud computing spending has grown at 4.5 times the rate of IT spending (Forbes)

-Demand for Cloud software has grown 18 % this year to $246 billion (Gartner)

-Software as a Service (SAAS) is forecasted to grow 20%  in 2017 to $46.5 billion  (CIO)

Here are some of the reasons why 3PL’s and Warehouses are switching to a cloud based WMS software:

1.  The Cloud system will grow with your business and is able to support complex business challenges within your supply chain operation.

2. Your staff will have an easier time using a cloud system which features dashboards, interactive graphs, easy to read charts and personalized language which is easier to review and read on smartphone and tablet devices

3. You are not locked into old technology and the cloud technology will grow with you and the  long term strategies of your warehouse operation

4. Once a cloud system is connected, analytics, cognitive equipment and smart apps provide the right information for decision making at the right tim

5. Building upon these advantages (1-4 above), companies can operate their supply chain networks at enhanced speeds to meet the expected demands of their customers.

The CoreWarehouse WMS software is a cloud based Tier 1 SaaS Solution. Included as part of the software is CoreMobile which enables warehouse and operations personnel to link to the software with all smartphone and tablet devices

Core eBusiness Solutions is located in Fairfield, NJ 201 836-8900.