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Transitioning To a New 3PL Warehouse Management Software: Key Items To Consider

With the advent and popularity of cloud based systems and the growing popularity of E-commerce, more and more companies are transitioning from manual to cloud based warehouse management software systems. In addition, during the current work at home era, there has been an exponential increase in the need for fulfillment services from warehouses and fulfillment businesses.

Having a transition plan with your IT staff, vendors and all warehouse personnel is a critical requirement when adopting a new 3PL Warehouse Management Software system. Once your existing inventory system goes offline and the new WMS system is operational, there needs to be a contingency plan with IT resources and your warehouse team to guard against start-up related issues. This should be in place immediately. Working with your new WMS provider, a well thought out implementation strategy will be of immense help as you continue to provide your customers with warehouse and logistics related support.

When you launch a new WMS system there will be various functions that will need to be customized to link with your warehouse operational requirements. Warehouse personnel should prioritize the components of the software that are needed immediately before moving on the less important applications. It is also of paramount importance and a priority that warehouse & IT personnel are trained on the new 3PL warehouse management software. Additionally, to ensure a continuity in providing customers with support, they must understand all related elements of the new Warehouse Management Software.

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