Warehouse Inventory Management Changes-2018 Trends

How Warehouse Inventory Management is Changing-2018 Trends and Developments

From E-Commerce  to Mobile Technologies there are an abundance of new trends and technologies that 3PL’s and businesses with warehouses should be aware as it will impact there warehouse and logistics operations.

Moving Warehouse & Distribution Centers Closer to Consumers

With the growth of Amazon and other e-commerce organizations retailers are looking to expedite delivery times and keep costs down. More and more retailers are moving into warehouses in heavily populated areas to fulfill same day delivery demands. As a result new warehouses are emerging and require the most up-to-date warehouse management software applications and program support.

Increase in E-Commerce and Order Fulfillment & Distribution Challenges

As the E-Commerce revolution continues on a record pace it is critical that warehouses and retailers comprehend the many challenges that present themselves regarding order fulfillment and distribution requirements. In addition, warehouses must be aligned with inventory management software that will meet the demands of e-commerce shoppers and buyers.

If you’re hosting your site from an eCommerce platform like Shopify, good inventory management software will likely have integrations linked to them. These integrations assure that when someone makes a purchase online, all the items in their shopping cart are synced to all sales channels. Just like with a physical, in store purchase, the warehouse and the supplier will automatically know that they are down in stock.

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