Increasing Inventory Acccuracy with A WMS System

WMS systems are structured to provide users with the optimum level of warehouse inventory accuracy and the efficient flow of inventory using advanced inventory WMS tracking software and systems.

The following are examples of how inventory accuracy can be maximized using 3PL WMS technologies:

1.  Product Codes-When using barcodes or other methods to identify various products, product coding greatly adds to warehouse accuracy, When orders are picked packers can scan items they are looking for, fill an order and know immediately if they are correct. This will result in less confusion and accidental switches when picking and packing an order.

2.  Product Location-When designing a warehouse using a WMS solution will increase your overall supply chain efficiencies and help enable your pickers to know more easily where they need to go to locate a product.

3.  Management of Inventory-Having exact product codes and locations will improve the data your company has for inventory management. This lessens the possibility of misplacement of items. In addition pick times are reduced when items are arranged so that quick turnover products are close to packing areas and slow moving inventory is situated in lower traffic areas of the warehouse.

4.  Filling Orders-Orders can be filled much faster when knowing exactly where a product is in the warehouse and knowing how many products are left in the bin areas

5.  Supply Products to a Retailer-When supplying information to large retailers, it is critical to provide them with label items that are accurate and that can be read by the retailers computer system. Using EDI when dealing with stockouts, mis-placements, mis-shipments and potential theft in the warehouse is of great value and benefit and will help to  know exactly which bins are to be placed in exactly which order. EDI combined with inventory tracking and product codes can increase order accuracy by 99.9%

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