Warehouse Management Concerns for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution are industries with an emphasis on speed, control and accuracy. Within the pharmaceutical industry there are specialized and unique considerations when evaluating warehouse management software applications. There are many regulations to conform to when considering the demands and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors often deal with many potentially dangerous products that need to be managed carefully with particular attention to security. In addition to security,  a WMS system provides controls to be put in place to be sure products past their expiration date never are shipped to hospitals, medical centers or consumers.

Some of the key requirements for the pharmaceutical industry when considering a WMS application is the ability of the software to help manage the company’s warehousing program including and not limited to: Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS), DEA licensing and tracking and maintaining data and records related to National Drug Codes (NDC).

CoreWarehouse 3PL cloud based software helps pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors manage fulfillment requirements with LIFO, FIFO and FEFO allocation which reduces the risk of expired products leaving the warehouse.

The CoreMobile applications enables all warehouse personnel to use their mobile devices and link with the CoreWarehouse WMS software.

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