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What Are The Most Important Elements of a Highly Efficient WMS System?

Core eBusiness Solutions is a cloud based 3PL WMS provider. Our Evolve CoreWarehouse WMS software is used by 3PL’s, fulfillment companies, food businesses, pharma warehouses and a wide array of organizations who provide supply chain warehouse support for businesses across North America and South America.

Here are some of the critical requirements of a robust WMS platform that are an integral part of the Evolve CoreWarehouse 3PL WMS System.

Multiple Warehouse Visibility

In addition to supporting many clients, a 3PL WMS can support multiple physical locations and distinguish between them. Many WMS platforms will assign zip codes for order routing. This automation will enable you to ship from the warehouse closest to the end user destination. It is also critical that whatever software you choose product locations are identified on a per warehouse basis for streamlined picking, packing and warehouse efficiency.

Multiple Receiving Options

Receiving products is one of the most critical responsibilities of a 3PL WMS platform. It is important to be sure that the products you receive from your clients arrive safely prior to them being inventoried, located and stored. Most WMS platforms have multiple receiving options including receiving from a previously generated purchase orders, ASN’s and EDI documents (i830, 940, 943 etc.) That way reconciling what you ordered with what you actually received is simple and streamlined.

Integrations With Other Platforms

It is essential that whatever 3PL WMS system is chosen, it integrates with other a wide array of API’s and other eCommerce programs including and not limited to:

  • Accounting Systems (QuickBooks, Sage etc.)
  • CRM’s
  • eCommerce Programs (Amazon, Shopify, Walmart etc)

Analytics & Forecasting

Strong analytics and forecasting functions are one of the most important and critical functions for a 3PL WMS system to experience strong growth. You will need a WMS that will give you an overview of everything happening in your warehouse from a single dashboard. Also, you will need reports that can drill down to your client’s warehouse and inventory locations.

Kitting & Bundling Options

One of the most common requirements of clients within a warehouse organization is Kitting. Kitting is the industry term for bundling components together. A 3PL platform must be able to efficiently bundle multiple SKU’s as required by your clients.

Picking Options

Picking is one of the core elements of an efficient Warehouse Management system.

There are many important picking programs to consider.

  • Digital and paperboard pick lists
  • Wave picking
  • Pick routes

Purchase Order Generation

When considering organizations to provide a 3PL platform in your warehouse, one of the most important functions to consider is the ability of the specific WMS system to initiate reorder notifications . Most purchase orders are almost identical month to month for each client. The Evolve CoreWarehouse software will actually create purchase orders based on client reports and streamline the order process.