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3PL's & Warehouses Getting Started with EDI..Its Easy and Simple

By Len Bacharach (459 words)
Posted in Warehouse Technology on December 11, 2014

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3PL’s & Warehouses Getting Started with EDI…It’s Easy and Simple!

If you are a 3PL or warehouse organization that is realizing expansion and adding new customers, now is the time to automate and incorporate an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and gain the full benefits it can provide
for your warehouse management operations.

 EDI is an electronic communications process. It is a computer-to-computer exchange between companies. The three most common formats are:


-Routine Business Data (purchase orders and invoices)

-Standard Data Format

 EDI enables organizations to take advantages of the benefits of processing and storing data electronically without the cost of manual entries. With EDI you will reduce or eliminate manual entry errors because EDI eliminates the need to re-key documents.

 An integrated EDI solution strategy will help your 3PL warehouse operations become significantly more efficient and streamline your businesses processes and workflows. An enhanced warehouse management workflow will enable you to enhance your response to your customers and will result inadded new business opportunities.

There are some misconceptions of what is needed to get started with EDI.

 EDI is too complex for my business to manage.

EDI is not overly technical and is simple to implement. An integrated EDI program will help to manage translations of your
supply chain documents and enable your operations team to better understand your customers requirements.

Having to hire a staff or coordinator to manage EDI operations

Selecting the right EDI strategy will enable you to not have someone on your staff dedicated to managing your EDI program. EDI is simple enough to have someone manage who in part of your office group or customer service team.

In fact, you’ll find that, when done right, EDI will streamline your processes and eliminate manual steps so that you can reallocate you staff’s time and have them focus on other tasks that are true value add.

Being unable to justify the cost of an integrated EDI solution

If the right solution and approach is selected, EDI is not a major investment.

The key is finding the right solution that meet your overall warehouse management operations and budget requirements.

EDI takes too long to implement

A turnkey EDI solution only takes a few days to implement. You will quickly see the return on your investment and most
importantly build and enhance your relationships with your clients who are part of your overall 3PL warehouse management program.

 Core e-business solutions has the experience and program support to be able to effectively help you automate your EDI program. We have over 25 years of experience providing warehouse management support for 3PL’s and warehouses in many different business sectors across the country. Our SaaS Cloud based WMS software has proven to help our clients significantly build their supply chain operations and build new customer relationships


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