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Are You Ready To Put Your Warehouse in the Cloud

By Len Bacharach (272 words)
Posted in CoreWarehouse News on November 21, 2014

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Are You Ready to Put Your Warehouse in the Cloud?

A multitude of business organizations today are considering adopting
Cloud based software for their business needs. Cloud computing is where
 groups of remote servers are networked to allow for centralized data
storage and online access to computer servers or supported resources.

The cloud computing trend has taken shape in the warehouse
and supply chain business sectors. Cloud and SaaS software are critical
components that 3PL’s and warehouses are considering  for their Warehouse
Management Software operational needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are hosted on the
internet and Core eBusiness Solutions provides complete SaaS and cloud based
software support. Core is responsible for the availability, functionality,
integrity and maintenance of the software. In addition, Core provides training
and support to get things started.

 What makes Cloud based software of great value to 3PL’s and

 -Ease of set up and installation. Unlike traditional
hardware and licensing based programs, the set up is easy to implement.

-Little or no maintenance and back-up. Core provides
maintance and updates eliminating the need for IT personnel to spend time and
billable hours.

-Real time updates to keep software on the cutting edge.
Core provides automatic updates to ensure your software is up-to-date.

Flexibility-Cloud software can be scaled up or down to meet
your needs. As your organization expands and grows you can add functionality
and programs to meet your warehouse management requirements

-Accountability-You can access SaaS and Cloud based software
information from any computer, tablet or wherever there is an internet

Want to know more about Core and our cloud based solution
programs, visit us at or call Core at





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