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Essentials of Supply Chain and WMS Operations

By Len Bacharach (293 words)
Posted in Warehouse Operations on October 28, 2013

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Essentials of Supply Chain and Warehouse Management

The most critical elements of planning and managing a supply
chain is your inventory. The elements include where it’s coming from, how and
where it’s stored, and where is it going to when it leaves the warehouse.

Managing and controlling inventory movement to maximize
profitability requires a strong Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and reliable
integration with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. If your
supply chain program is not being managed properly the potential for problems
arising is greatly magnified.

 Inventory packing slips must carefully cross referenced with
orders to ensure you are receiving the proper products matched with the proper
quantities. Inventory must be stocked, shelved or boxed to customers’ needs.
Assembling pallets or boxes for customers can be a challenging and tricky
process as well. There will be instances where you have many different pallets
for one customer that get shipped on the same truck with smaller pallets or
boxes for other customers. Staging shipments to be sure that boxes get on the
right trucks in the right order is an essential need to optimize shipment and deliver
routes. These issues can be better managed with a well organized and configured
Warehouse Management Software (WMS)system.

 A strong WMS system will streamline your warehouse
operations and add automation to include receiving, pick & pack, shipping
and other warehouse functions. Your warehouse will also be able to use mobile
devices, Smartphone’s and tablets to better capture inbound and outbound

 An active warehouse with high inventory turns requires
constant monitoring and  real-time inventory counts whether inventory is
coming in, allocated to a customer or headed out for delivery.

 These essentials of a supply chain and warehouse management
operations can be achieved with a strong and highly functional WMS system.





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