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How WMS Provides Value to Organizations

By Len Bacharach (284 words)
Posted in Warehouse Operations on January 20, 2016

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How Warehouse Management Software Provides Value to Organizations

Core eBusiness Solutions has been providing WMS support for 3PL’s,warehouses and many varied businesses for the past 25 years. The following are some of the benefits customers consider when selecting a Warehouse Management Software program.

-Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Warehouse software when fully optimized provides the entire organization with insight and timely information regarding inbound and outbound product flows.

-Quality Management

With shipments being delayed and the possibility of packages being broken, Warehouse Management Software identifies and tracks issues that can occur and through reports and analytics the software will provide guidance regarding factors that impede quality.

-Forecasting and Planning

WMS not only manages optimal stock levels but will also predict future capacity requirements. The software will also help to identify the viability of opening multiple regional warehouses near key customers to help increase efficiencies and improve service levels.

-Cost Management

Any product sitting on a shelf is a liability that can affect the profitability of your business. By managing your stock requirements in real-time and increasing inventory turns, your business can take advantage of existing shelf space to improve margins.

-Efficiency and Customer Service

Optimizing inventory practices will reduce the amount of time to replenish stock, process shipments and serve customers. These efficiency improvements are recognized without sacrificing quality or increasing head count.


As your business grows, your warehouse management software program will grow concurrently with you and your business will not need to add hardware or incur additional system expenses. When you enter new markets, introduce new products or expand your customer base, CoreeBusiness WMS software will  keep pace with your business.

 For more information contact Core eBusiness Solutions at (201) 836-8900.

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