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Improving Customer Service and Generating More Revenue

By Len Bacharach (356 words)
Posted in Warehouse Operations on February 20, 2015

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A Sure Way to Improve Customer Service and Generate Additional Revenues

 One of the most proven and effective ways to improve your customer service is to adopt a Warehouse Management Software program. Reducing inventory transaction  and warehouse errors will enable your organization
to reduce costs and improve your gross profit on sales.

With a WMS program you will enhance your organizations overall operations and service competencies. The most successful companies are consistently raising the bar regarding how they manage their warehous operations.

What are some of the short-term and long term benefits of reducing warehouse inventory management error rates and adopting a 3PL WMS program?

 Inventory Material Allocation

Proper material allocation guidelines are essential to reducing inventory costs. It’s ultimately about buying the right amount of goods and inventory at the right time. Ultimately you will need the right amount of inventory to meet customer backlog and customer demands.

 Improved Inventory Cycle Counts

The more accurate your inventory cycle counts the more likely you’ll match your inventory of finished goods to market demand. Your WMS program will also provide you with a better insight into the raw materials andspare parts needs to meet your customer’s demands

 Improved Order Picking

Improvement in order picking errors is a direct by-product of a strong WMS program.  No company wants to develop a reputation for shipping the wrong orders to the wrong customers. Aside from the damage it inflicts on customers, it’s also extremely expensive. Errors with order picking is a direct by-product of managing inventory with manual processes, and it’s easy to see why order entry errors lead to improper quantities, wrong shipment locations and inaccurate due dates.

Improved Order Tracking

A 3PL WMS program provides critical historical data on inventory tracking processes. Regardless of whether your company is a manufacturer, distributor or retailer improving your business’s order tracking program will help to properly allocate raw materials and semi-finished goods to the appropriate work orders and your customer’s job requests.

Core e-businesssolutions has a wide array of 3PL cloud and SaaS based Warehouse Management Software programs. For addtional information contact Len Bacharach at Core 201 836-8900.


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