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Linking Your Accounting System with Your WMS System (Part II)

By Howard Mintz (339 words)
Posted in Warehouse Operations on November 29, 2013

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What Are the Key Points to Consider When Linking Your Warehouse Management System With Your Accounting System (Part II)

This is Part II and a continuation of our series focusing on the importance and key consideratons when linking your accounting system with your warehouse management system.

Where will the invoice print? Will it print out through warehouse management system or will it print out of the accounting system?  This, again, greatly depends upon the level of detail that's required on the invoice. If the
invoice requires warehouse level specifics that would be available to through the warehouse system then the invoice will need to be printed out of the WMS system.

However, if the warehousing charges get combined with other business areas including transportation or other logistic services you provide, the invoice may need to be printed out of the accounting system so that it can be combined with
data from those other sources.

Who will be responsible for recording accessorial charges and other details to the invoices prior to generating the invoices and sending them to the accounting system?  This is an important element which is often overlooked.

Failure to completely capture revenue is one of the first things that should be addressed in implementing a new warehouse management system and interfacing to an accounting system. Appropriate recording of accessorial
charges such as pallets used, shrink wrap, labor, or other accessories will result in a more accurate invoicing to your customers, improved revenue, and better profitability.

Don't cut corners when it comes to capturing charges for your warehouse services.  Ensure you are invoicing for all of the work you are doing for your customers, it is being recorded correctly, and is sent to your customers in a manner that expedites payment.  

Contact Core Warehouse for more ideas on how you can optimize these critical last steps in
interactions with your customers.

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