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Linking Your Accounting and WMS System

By Howard Mintz (341 words)
Posted in Warehouse Operations on November 27, 2013

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Important Considerations When Integrating Your Warehouse
Management System Into Your Accounting System (Part I)

 This is part I of a series of blogs focusing on key considerations to be aware of when linking your accounting system with your warehouse management system.

What level of detail are you going to integrate into your accounting system?  Will you be interfacing each receipt and shipment, comprising individual storage and handling charges, or will it just be a summary of the charges for the day or
the period for which you are generating the invoice? There are benefits to both of these key issues.  If your customer is expecting to see details of every charge, it doesn't necessarily mean that all charge details need to be on the invoice.

You can provide a backup report with the details for each receipt and shipment to keep the invoice clean, ensuring that invoices gets paid on a more timely basis. By providing a clean consistently accurate invoice, customers are more likely to pay you on time.

How often do you need the invoices to integrate into your accounting system?  On an invoice by invoice basis, at the end of the day, or at the end of the week when you're ready to send invoices to the customer? This depends greatly on how often
you're going to invoice your customers.  If you invoice customers daily you'll need to generate and send the
invoice to your accounting system on a daily basis as well. As soon as an invoice is issued to the customer, your accounting personnel need to know about it. If you're invoicing on a weekly basis, like most of our customers, you do
not need to send invoices into the accounting system as often. This gives you more time to revise invoices at the warehouse operational level if necessary.

Core can help design a WMS system that will link with your accounting system. For additional information please refer to  or contact us at (201) 836-8900 Benefits of Interfacing and Aligning Your Accounting System with Your Warehouse Management System.


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