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Moving To A New Warehouse-Top Factors To Consider

By Len Bacharach (467 words)
Posted in Warehouse Operations on July 23, 2014

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Moving to a New
Warehouse-Top Factors to Consider

To help 3PL’s, warehouses and businesses maximize supply chain operations and overall
distribution and inventory issues, there are a group of key factors to consider:

Relocating to a new area, opening a new 3PL or warehouse or expanding an existing facility can be a major
challenge.  Well executed storage, receiving and shipping improves efficiency and by doing so makes the company
more profitable. At the same time your warehouse staff, who are your mostimportant asset, will be more highly motivated if they can locate products /stock easily, are working in a safe environment and generally feel that their
welfare is valued and recognized. Here are some basic guidelines when designing a new warehouse

1) Carefully evaluate the type of racking, shelving and storage you need for the products to be kept in your warehouse. Purchase robust racking / shelving to allow for the maximum lifespan and wear and tear possible. Make sure it is securely attached to walls and floors, to prevent injury to staff and damage to products. It is critical
that that there is ample space between the units so that all stock is easily accessible.

2) Create a separate storage area or storeroom for items that are regularly used such as cartons,
boxes, packing filler or packing tape.

3) Ensure the area around the loading dock or bay is unobstructed and free of racking and shelving. It’s important that there is plenty of space around the loading bay / dock for forklift trucks and warehouse staff to operate unimpeded.

4) Allocate office space that is a self-contained area within the warehouse.

5) Make sure warning and safety signs and notices are in the correct places, in compliance with the
health and safety regulations.

6) Make sure there are skips in close proximity to the warehouse so that trash doesn’t clutter the

7) Provide mats in areas where employees are standing in one place for long periods of time i.e.
packing stations.

8) Consider installing warehouse management system software. A WMS program will streamline and speed
up all areas of warehouse life, making the receiving, picking, packing and dispatch processes much more efficient and thereby improving company profits and making work life much easier for the warehouse operatives. It will also lead to greater transparency and accuracy, thereby reducing waste and returned orders.

9) Explore the possibility of SaaS cloud based system. SaaS cloud based solutions will help improve the efficiencies, communications and productivity in the warehouse. It may also enable you to reduce your need for IT support.

10)  Evaluate the need for RF or voice picking technology which will maximize warehouse controls and overall inventory

Core eBusinessSolutions has 25 years experience helping 3PL’s, warehouses and storage companies tighten controls, streamline their warehouse operations and develop and implement supply chain order and Warehouse Management systems.


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