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Running Your Warehouse Operations on a Tablet vs. RF Scanners

By Len Bacharach (339 words)
Posted in Warehouse Operations on December 27, 2016

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Running Your Warehouse Operation on a Tablet vs. Using RF Scanners

 Each day it’s becoming more popular and functionally more effective to use a less expensive tablet device vs. a RF Scanning system

 With Core-Warehouses’ cloud based WMS system it makes running the system on a tablet a more productive and profitable venture. There are many benefits to running a warehouse operation using a tablet device.

1. Attracting New Business-When a prospective customer walks through a warehouse and see individuals using modern technology it creates an environment of a business using today’s up-to-date technology tool

2. . Improving Productivity-Because individuals today are familiar with tablet technology they can perform tasks, faster, easier and more accurately with IPads and tablets.

The functionality that the devices deliver including advanced analytics and real time communications keeps personnel and management apprised of how they are doing in comparison to the metrics and operations standards of the warehouse.

  1. Flexibility of Tablets-Tablets are designed and built to perform many varied tasks. In addition to warehouse management fulfillment operations employees can use a tablet for a host of enterprise tasks from collaboration to analytics to reporting.
  2. Tablets Provide Added Visual Documentation- Built-in cameras are an integral part of tablet devices and enable warehouse staff to take pictures of inventory being received. In addition when there is a need to capture a Proof of Damaged shipment it can be captured in a click and saved to the system. The sizeable footprint of the iPad screen makes it easier for workers to get a clear and comprehensive view of tasks which helps to facilitate faster and more accurate execution of warehouse functions.
  3. Cost Savings-Tablets cost less than traditional RF Scanner devices and hardware costs are significantly reduced.  In addition they are easier to replace than traditional mobile computers.

Core eBusiness Solutions Tier 1 SaaS WMS software is ideal for all tablet devices. The company is headquartered in Fairfield, NJ and can be reached at 201 836-8900


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