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SaaS in a Tough Economy

By writer (356 words)
Posted in CoreWarehouse News on May 8, 2013

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The Software as a service (SaaS) model is ideal for a company looking to minimize the impact of a slowing (slowed?) economy while increasing competitive advantage.  With little up-front investment, it's easy to justify the monthly expenditure and determine a quick return on investment.

For private distributors/warehouses, keeping your customers close and increasing their loyalty is critical.  Decreasing the order to ship to payment cycle allows you to maximize inventory turns and keep accounts receivable at a minimum.  Multiple ordering platforms (web, EDI, email) ensure that a sale is not missed and revenue opportunities are maximized.

In the 3PL world, we are seeing private companies look to outsource their distribution efforts in order to save money and reduce liabilities, both short and long term.  However, they are looking for best of breed distribution practices, visibility at least as good as if they were distributing in-house and proactive notification if there are problems.

CorePortal, our Web portal tool, allows your customers to log in to place orders, track orders, view inventory, run reports custom to them, and more.  It ties your customers to you through a branded web site your customers can't get from your competitors.

CoreEvents, our proactive notification tool, offers both inbound message acceptance and outbound notifications.  Inbound, you can receive purchase order, ASN, or sales/delivery order details from your customers via a variety of different methods (EDI, AS/2, PDF, XLS, CSV, etc.) and avoid the cost and errors of re-entering them.  Shipment notifications will be sent automatically to your customers, including shipment tracking numbers for small parcel shipments.  A 3PL's customers can even receive reorder notifications when stock in the warehouse falls below safety stock levels.

Now is the time to keep the customers you have and fight for new customers by showing that you are a viable, growing organization with the tools to support them in both bad and good times.  The companies that best take advantage of this during the downturn will be the ones poised for exponential growth when the economy heats up again.  Deploying a solution in a Software as a Service environment is an ideal method for continuing to innovate and grow during these times.

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