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The Many Benefits of SaaS&Cloud Based WMS Software

By Len Bacharach (737 words)
Posted in SaaS on October 27, 2015

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The Many Benefits of SaaS and Cloud Based Warehouse Management Software

 The SaaS and Cloud based software sector continues to grow rapidly.Gartner’s research group predicts the market to reach $22.2 billion by the end of 2015 up from $12.5 billion in 2012.

 Why are 3PL’s, Warehouses and Businesses moving to SaaS and the cloud?

 1.       Lower Cost of Entry

With SaaS you only pay for what you need without having to buy hardware to host new applications.

Instead of internal resources to install hardware, Core eBusiness will provide the software support with its’ WMS program and no server is needed to run your WMS software

2.       Reduced Time To Benefit

In an SaaS and Cloud model, as the software application is installed and configured, users can rapidly configure the server for the cloud and quickly have applications ready to use.

3.       Pay As You Go

Cloud and SaaS programs provides the benefits of predictable costs. As you scale up your business you will have a clear idea of what your costs will be. This allows for much more accurate budgeting especially as compared to IT managing upgrades and addressing other issues.

 4.       SaaS and Cloud Providers Responsible for Upgrades, Uptime and Security

As part of the SaaS and Cloud model that CoreeBusiness provides, our role is to host the software and we are responsible for upgrading it and maintaining it, ensuring that its reliable and that all applications are running smoothly and efficiently.

CoreeBusiness maintains an extremely high level of security including many levels of automatic back-up to ensure all operations have the highest level of protection.

5.       SaaS & Cloud Works Anywhere

Since the software is hosted in the cloud it is accessible via the internet as well linked with mobile devices, tablets, and Desktop sources.

This includes checking all customer data as well as having real-time order information as incoming and outgoing customer shipments are transpiring in your warehouse operations

 Core eBusiness has a wide array of SaaS and Cloud based Tier 1 WMS software programs. Please contact us at (201) 836-8900




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