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Warehouse Management Software Linking To Your Mobile Devices

By Len Bacharach (327 words)
Posted in CoreWarehouse News on January 3, 2017

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Warehouse Management Software Linking To Your Mobile Devices

 The Core Warehouse WMS software application CoreMobile  now links to all smartphone mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop systems. As 3PL  warehouse and operational workforces become more widely dispersed the mobile link is an invaluable benefit from an operational and cost perspective. It enables businesses to improve their data capture accuracy and provide all users with the latest information in real-time.

 There are significant cost  savings as mobile devices with a WMS system can replace the use of RF scanners which can be very costly as hardware costs are eliminated. In addition WMS applications can be downloaded instantly to company mobile devices as no additional IT installation or hardware server costs are necessary. For 3PL warehouse organizations that operate multiple warehouse facilities, a central IT organization can maintain a full fleet of mobile devices regardless of where they are located. This can help minimize on site IT requirements and the level of training on these devices is significantly reduced compared to other platforms (i.e. Desktops Tablets etc.).

 There is improved security with a mobile device that is used for Warehouse Management Software applications. Often IT will provide a way to ensure that each device has the proper security software installed and passwords and encryptions are properly utilized. Furthermore If a device is lost or stolen,  IT can remotely wipe away any sensitive data. In the event of an operational issue with a mobile device, IT can remotely view the device and potentially solve the problem without creating any downtime for the employee.

 As more employees and organizations gravitate to using smartphones in businesses there are tremendous cost savings and operating efficiencies having your WMS operation interfaced and linked to your staff’s mobile devices.

CoreMobile is the company’s new link  to all Smartphone mobile devices  and includes a new and enhanced user interface. For more information please contact Core eBusiness Solutions at 201 836-8900



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Synchronized posted on: March 27, 2017

Great Blog Nice information about warehouse management software....

Such a good information.

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